Rosemary Forsyth nude

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Does anyone remember the 1970 made for TV film “The Brotherhood of the Bell”?
Starring Glenn Ford & Rosemary Forsyth. It was a thriller about a young man who, while in college, was inducted into a secret & mysterious fraternity (Skull & Bones?). Upon attaining wealth & prominence, he discovers that the “Brotherhood” has been keeping tabs on him, and expects certain favors from him. It dawns on him that the Bell is a sinister, subversive organization bent on world domination. When he tries to bring this to the attention of the public on TV, he is mocked & humiliated.
I don’t want to give the rest of the plot away but this video seemed to dissapear very fast from everywhere but it has become a cult film & very hard to find. It’s rummored that “the powers that be” have gotten rid of all copies because they don’t want the public to see it. I finally managed to get a copy after searching for years & at great expense. It was scary then and even scarier now considering everything that’s going on in our government. Who remembers it?
Dazz…..this was a made for tv film but it was really well made, and still scary today.
The Good Sheppard stunk, I agree. I didn’t see the cartoon.


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